Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What time should I present my bin for collection?
A) All bins should be out either the night before collection or early in the morning.

Q) What happens if a bank holiday falls on my collection day?
A) You will receive plenty of notice of when your bin will be collected.

Q) What happens if my bin is burnt or stolen?
A) We will replace your bin at a cost price.

Q) Can I leave extra black bags outside my bin for collection?
A) No you cannot, you are paying for a bin collection. Your lid must be closed and material in bin loosely packed to enable it to be emptied without pulling, tugging or handling, in any way other than by the bin in lift action.

Q) Can I leave out carpets, mattresses, large bulky items to be taken by the collection truck?
A) No for large items you can contact us to have these items separately removed at an extra cost.

Q) What can I put in the red bin? (General waste bin)
A) All soiled and general waste, not suitable for recycling eg soiled paper, packaging, dirty nappies etc.

Q) What can I put in my yellow bin (Recycling)
A) Plastic, Cardboard, paper, cartons, packaging etc.

Q) Can I put glass bottles in my recycling bin?
A) No please continue to use your local bottle bank.

*Please note that payments must be made on time as we cannot guarantee that your bin will be emptied if they are not paid for.*

CDS Waste Management is fully licenced and insured.